What is an EcoPod?

An EcoPod is much more than a Modular Home

EcoPods are more than just modular homes. They are an innovative solution to the growing problem of finding affordable places to live.  Our units come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations which are designed to meet different circumstances, needs, locations, and weather conditions. 

EcoPods generally fall under categories such as tiny homes, cottages, cabins, ARUs, SDUs, modular homes, granny flats, man caves, she sheds, bunkies, coach houses, laneway houses, or even DIY projects.

However, our revolutionary EcoPods design changes the game forever. We offer unprecedented value for your money with the amenities you come to expect.  EcoPods are much more than just modular homes, or tiny homes, they are a new category in the SDU and ARU industry. 

Ecopods are available in two basic versions – Expandable and Integrated

How Our Expandable EcoPods Work.

With our innovative EcoPod expandable design, the setup is simple and fast. Setup usually takes only a few hours. Our Expandable Versions fold out to three times the footprint of the delivered size.  Here is how that works….

How Does an
EcoPod Compare to
an RV?

That is a very good question. Understandably, you want to get the most value for your money. The true value of our EcoPods comes out when you compare them side-by-side to a typical RV.

Ecopod Modular Home vs Traditional RV

Less Expensive.

EcoPod is less than half the price.


Much More Durable.

Frame is made of all steel, not wood.


More Value.

Our EcoPods are more like home.


More Room.

Way more sq ft for less money.

Here Is What Makes Our EcoPods Different.

EcoPod Modular Home - Frame Structure
Steel Roof

Reinforced Steel Roof

Galvanized steel, powder coated for durability

High Quality Polyurethane (PU) Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels

In the summer keeps the heat out and in the winter keeps the cold out
EcoPod Modular Home - Spray Foam Insulated Floor 02

Solid Floors

The floors are made of reinforced steel and spray insulated
EcoPod Modular Home - MGO TNG Sub Floor

NGO Sub Floor

A unique engineered high strength, tongue and groove flooring sheet.
EcoPod Modular Home - All Steel Construction

Galvanized Steel Frame

EcoPod Modular Home - Double Pane Glass

Double Glazed Vinyl Windows

Added thermal efficiency to keep the heat and cold out
EcoPod Modular Home - Flooring Shot

Vinyl Flooring

Moisture proof and easy to take care of. Several colours to choose from
EcoPod Modular Home - Reinforced Roof 2

Extra Reinforcement for Snow

At EcoPod we know what winters in the north can be like. That is why we reinforce our roofs with extra steel cross braces, and additional steel joists.
EcoPod Modular Home - Entry Door

Steel Doors with Double Glazed Glass

Our front doors are made out of steel and are solid and sturdy. Double-pane windows add to the overall heat efficiency of our units.
EcoPod Modular Home - Siding2

Optional Siding Available

Traditional look with added protection
EcoPod Modular Home - Mold Resistant Panels

Mold Resistant

Since EcoPod units are made of all steel construction, they are highly mold resistant. Problems with moldy drywall are gone forever.
EcoPod Modular Home - Mildew Resistant Panels 2

Mildew Resistant

Mildew is a close cousin of mold and since EcoPod units are made of all steel they are highly mildew resistant as well.
EcoPod Modular Home - Pest Resistant Panels

Pest Resistant

EcoPod units are made of all steel they are highly resistant to pests (unless they can eat through steel).

EcoPod Advantages.

Our EcoPods are specially designed to provide you with an unparalleled experience of convenience and satisfaction.  They are different than anything else on the market. 

Flexible and Mobile.

In this case yes you can take it with you. Quick disassembly, relocation, and reassembly.

Diversified Applications.

Our EcoPods can be used for housing, offices, educational facilities, medical facilities, tourism, rentals, hotel industry.


Both the exterior and interior are fully customizable. Chose the number of rooms, room sizes, finishes, and many other options. 

Sturdy and Durable.

Made from high-strength steel. Excellent durability and resistance to wind, snow, seismic forces, and harsh environments.

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